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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Golf Lesson

Golf lesson

Here's How to Lower Your Handicap

Like you, I am always trying to improve my game and reach my highest potential.

If you plan to play your best golf ever this year, you may be surprised how easy it can be.
My good friend Jack Moorehouse is considered one of the best golf guru's in the country and he’s here to help you with his best-selling golf ebook, "Howto Break 80...And Shoot Like the Pros."

It’s “jam-packed” with easy and simple golf drills, strategies and advice that will quickly improve your distance, accuracy and handicap.

You have a little extra time, so let’s get after it!

Jack's including a special bonus called '25 Lessons To Improve Your Game Immediately', plus
3 other bonuses, but I'm not sure how long they'll last.

He is also offering a 90-day money back guarantee, so ifyou don't like the book simply return it. But, once you get into his drills, I highly doubt that you'll need that guarantee.

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golf lesson

Monday, March 27, 2006

Golf Lesson

Golf Lesson

Golf Lesson #1: There are no quick ways out if you diligently want to improve your game. Perseverance and dedication are required to practice the right things. Some instructions on golf and enough first hand experience would go a long way. Visit the range at least once every week and play one or two games per month. You will have to get a long-term evaluation of your golf game. Realize that it is bound to take some practice before you hit low scores.

Golf Lesson #2: Let’s take a look at the sequence of putting. Firstly, all the elements determining ball speed and direction are lapped up by your subconscious mind. Secondly, you make up your mind how hard to hit the ball and where to hit it. Now, you putt. By observing the putt you judge how accurate you read is. You have read the green correctly if the putt goes in. and you may have made a wrong judgment if it drifts by the hole.

Golf Lesson #3: Whatever the case may be, we must admit that no matter what they score, most golfers are in search of that best dynamic that will happily leave them with much lower scores. Many industries labor to produce countless DVDs, gadgets, and gizmos that promise the best tips for perfection. We have all probably invested in them; some have turned to be bad, and some good. But we are never satisfied. We watch the current infomercial of the Golf Channel making ourselves believe that investing some dollars extra on the credit card would not pinch that much.

Golf Lesson #4: The green makes a basin that is filled up with water, if the green slides to the opposite direction. Trust me, no landscape architect who has any self-esteem will do such a thing.

If you check it from the side of the green you will know whether you have a downhill or an uphill putt. The best view for this and accounting the ball’s speed the side of the green is ideal. In case of putts that are downhill, the ideal perspective for judging the slope of the terrain is provided by the low side of the green.

What I am now going to suggest has the capability to bring about a sea-change in the way you perceive your golf. We know that the scoreboard never lies. But we must delve deeper into what is taking place in your rounds. The way is to keep an additional golf score.

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golf lesson

Sunday, March 26, 2006

golf lesson

Welcome to my golf lesson blog. Here you will learn a golf lesson or two that is sure to get your game back on target.